Monday, December 31, 2007

A new year/A new ewe

I couldn't help it. Well it is December 31st and I am already packed to head back to Nampa on the night of Jan. 2nd. That says something right there.

It has been a great year! A year full of fun, lots of fun, new friends, old friends, family, school, spring break trips, Christmas time, a crazy internship, a new house, good movies, new music, loves/heartaches (not sure), adventures, hikes, reading, pranks, checking things off the "list"(Friendly Freds, Library), and much much more. I thought about doing a Top 10 for 2007 and thought about posting a bunch of pics of stuff that happened throughout the year but I'm not going to. It would be nice, but it is over and done with. We know what happened, we lived it.

So as the clock turns and starts a brand new year, I want everyone to not hold back and let life take over. Go out have some fun, enjoy life, go on an adventure, meet new friends, reconnect with old ones, clean-out your closet, give some stuff away, read more, listen to new/old music, just do something out of the ordinary to spice up life. It doesn't have to be drastic.

I'm just excited to be alive, healthy (other than my healing ankle), and have great friends and a family that loves me. I can't ask for more. I am thankful for the blessings and protection that have been given to me this last year; there were many a times when I could have easily died or been seriously hurt. I can only thank God for watching out for me; I ask Him to continue doing so in the up-coming year. I know we all have a lot on our plates: work, family, church, hobbies, graduation, trips, after school, etc. but don't worry yourself to death. This new year is going to be one of greatness. Live it to its fullest.

Happy New Year to all!


i am from another time said...

hey blog. i forgot my username..

Anonymous said...

Speaking of farm animals, did you hear Joe V got a rooster? He's got some crazy stories to tell. Here's to 2008: the year we moved to Belgium (for the waffles).