Wednesday, December 12, 2007


M-USICALLY GIFTED (can play a mean CCR song!)

A- NNOYING (it's true, especially when I need to write a paper and you're up in my grill playing a song like "Alex is Gay" but I have to sing along to it....everytime)

T- ONGUE TRICKS (He can lick his back I think, I know I can't. That's a gift)

T- OTALLY GREAT FRIEND (as much as I make fun of him, I wouldn't trade him in for another friend...except maybe one of those robotic vacuum cleaners)

Minutes before departing for our killer Spring Break trip! Playin' some ol CCR!

Matt hasn't changed too much from freshman year. He's still sniffing! LOL

Matt and Loma. We miss her so...

Just bein' Matt. This is in San Francisco ontop of a little building on the water. CHEESE!

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