Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Prodigal Son Returns

Well I am going home in 4 days and I'm really excited cause its home. There are friends and family that I can't wait to see and hangout with.

First off, I'm really excited to see my dad, Herbie Hackett as some guys call him. I haven't seen him since the beginning of summer, even though Andrew said that my dad was down visiting a couple weeks ago at Starbucks. I must've missed him. We'll have a great time of playing with Mr. J, he's down the ladder, watching TV, shoveling snow (I hope there'll be more), and anything else that he wants to do. Also with dad, I am excited to see Brigid, I don't have any pics of her but it'll be nice to see her again and have some home cooked meals!

Next on my list is my bestest friend, Mike, or whenever I tell a story about him to anyone, my friend Mike. We'll play hockey on my lake and at the school by his house, we'll go see movies, sled, snowboard (maybe), play video games, whatever we want. It'll be just great to see him again!

Of course I couldn't forget about my two dogs, Jerry and Matty. First off let me clarify something, we call Jerry a lot of different names so if you ever hear me talk about him he may be referred to as Mr. J, Gerald, fat boy, Gerard, there's lots of names. But it's always great to see them, especially Matty (the white one) cause she's my dog. She is getting real old and probably going to die soon so this may be the last time I'll see her. Jerry and I will play a lot of rope and kong as well as chase (basically me chasing him around the house and him running scared). Matty and I will take naps together and I'll pet her a lot too!

Every time I come back home I always always always have to go and hangout with my favorite Alaskan, Mr. Nicholas Hale. Great man! It's always a ton of fun seeing him whether we cruise Anchorage, go to a hockey game, go sledding, hot tubbing, or whatever. It's going to be a time of laughter and good times. He already told me we were going out on a man-date so I need to make sure my schedule is clear for that!

And it will be great to see the Becca and the Dushkin's (I don't have a picture of Alex and Shelly). I love to go over and talk with all of them, and Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Ed about school, my summer, and anything else that's going on.

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