Saturday, July 25, 2009


after work, i went to a friend of a friend's pool yesterday with some of my friends. we jumped off the diving board and threw a football around and played with inflatables and hunted for a rock at the deep end. someone asked if i could walk on my hands and instantly came to mind the countless attempts mom and i used to challenge each other on vacations to see who could walk the farthest or stay as straight-legged. brought a smile to my face. i can see the progression in my life when certain things make me smile about her instead of hurting my heart like it used to. i am a work in progress...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

recent adventures pt. 1

for the past month probably, i have been adventuring. here's a glimpse at them. (enjoy)

blue lake pt. 1

phil and i went up to blue lake which is 2 1/2 hrs north of nampa. its a little lake in the mountains. we spent the day up there hiking around and swimming. while we were there 2 storm systems were on our sides while the weather stayed fairly nice. the water was refreshing, the scenery was beautiful, and it was just a great time for phil and i to hangout. we actually went back up the next weekend (this past weekend) with his youth group for a "studs only" camping trip, more on that soon (gotta get my pics developed.) enjoy the pics....

oregon adventure

i went to oregon a couple weekends ago to surprise my dad and brother for their birthdays, but there wasn't a surprise, the surprise was found out. o-well. i spent a handful of hours in portland by myself just strolling around. it was an awesome time but was glad to meet up with mi familia (it's spanish). we had a a great birthday party for my dad and brother, just visiting with family. we walked through a forest trail and then hit up the coast one day. here are zee pics....

craters of the moon

joey and i went one saturday to craters of the moon, which is 2 1/2 hrs east of Boise. it is a lava field, some craters, lava tubes, and just a ton of dried lava everywhere. we got in for free because it was "free day"! it is a very cool place to visit and you can hike through old lava tubes and hike around a lava crater. here are some pics....

evening bike rides

every evening for awhile my friend joey, phil, and i or just joey and i would bike at sunset. it's a cooler time during the day and there's not a lot of traffic. here are some pics from that..... (most of these pics are taken with my cell phone except a couple)

coon killer

if you're looking at getting a prius, then you might want to make sure you don't hit any raccoons cause it will mess your car up. my dad rented a prius in oregon a couple weeks ago and hit one; from then on out prius' will always be remembered as "the coon killer".


i've been sick for the past week so i haven't posted anything. sorry folks. soon though i will post and put up some pics. don't get sick, it sucks.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


after almost a year without a name, my bike has finally developed one. first off, let me say that i don't normally name things except my car*. also if anything of mine does have a gender it is always male....except with my bike. i have decided to name her Rocinante after John Steinbeck named his truck/camper it in his book (one of my favs) "Travels with Charley" and he obtained the name from Miguel de Cervantes' book "Don Quixote" which it was Don Quixote's horse. the translation for Rocinante is work-horse or more roughly translated a low quality horse (Wikipedia). this is a big step for me cause i've been really wanting a name for her because she is a big part of my life now and we are going to be going on so many adventures.

* ("The Little Engine that Could" and before that, my ford explorer was called "the Flounder Pounder")