Thursday, July 2, 2009


after almost a year without a name, my bike has finally developed one. first off, let me say that i don't normally name things except my car*. also if anything of mine does have a gender it is always male....except with my bike. i have decided to name her Rocinante after John Steinbeck named his truck/camper it in his book (one of my favs) "Travels with Charley" and he obtained the name from Miguel de Cervantes' book "Don Quixote" which it was Don Quixote's horse. the translation for Rocinante is work-horse or more roughly translated a low quality horse (Wikipedia). this is a big step for me cause i've been really wanting a name for her because she is a big part of my life now and we are going to be going on so many adventures.

* ("The Little Engine that Could" and before that, my ford explorer was called "the Flounder Pounder")

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