Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back to School

Hey everyone! Well right now I'm in Oregon visiting with Leo and Jenny so that means I am not in LA any more and am headed back to school. I do have some more pics of LA to put up but I'll do that when I get back to school. I thank you all for being with me on this journey and will keep trying to update even while I'm at school. I am going to be living with 5 other guys in a house right next to campus so I'll get some pictures of it so you all know where I'm living. Thanks for the comments and hopefully I can keep this blog a little interesting. I know I can't keep up with Jamie! She's doin a great job with her blog of the boys. School starts August 28th but I'm heading up to Seattle to stay with a friend until I head over to school. I'll head over to Idaho this coming Wednesday so I can have some time to unpack and rearrange for our new house. Later.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Well yesterday, Saturday, myself, my friends Adam and Josiah went sailing with our director, Bob Loudin, and his partner, Steve. Bob has directed many gameshows in particular The New Hollywood Squares. Both him and Steve are nice guys and they took us out on their 42 foot sailboat out of Long Beach. We cruised around the coast for a couple hours, had lunch, then went back. It was a fun experience.

This is Bob, the director of our show.

This is Adam, on the left, and Josiah, on the right.

Here is everyone just hanging out on the boat.

Long Beach off in the distance.

This is just my reflection from an air intake pipe on their boat. Thought it was a fun pic to share.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Team Anal

So here are some pics of what I actually do during the taping of the shows. This is the producers table where Adam, Rodney, Dallas, Joanna, Stephanie, Josiah, Marne, and myself sit. It's very cramped.

This is me enabling, reseting, and locking out the contestants. It is a simple 4 button switcher. I also have my own preview monitor and noise cancelling headphones so I can hear just the contestants and the host, Ty.

This is my number pad that I punch in the numbers for the final round like, 16 across or 54 down. I hit the numbers and then either the accross button or the down button. It's very stressful cause if I screw up or am too slow we have to stop and sometimes start from the beginning.

This is Dallas, on the left, he works for the Griffin Group and is a producer for the show. We work with him a lot; his desk is right next to ours and is always joking around with us. He likes to push me around in the office and lock me in the supply closet or the binders room; luckily I use my sheer strength to force the door open. But in all seriousness, he's a great guy and as I keep saying, reminds me of Ian in his great work mentality and mannerisms.

This last picture is of Ty Treadway, our host, talking with one of our producers, Joanna. Ty is a great guy, he comes over all the time and talks with us and jokes around. Joanna and Stephanie are two producers and they are great; so friendly and fun. It's a joy to work with great people!

Fisher BBQ

This was an event that we went to this last Saturday. It was the J.L. Fisher BBQ. J.L. Fisher is a dolly company that supplies the film industry with dollys. There are two main dolly companies, J.L. Fisher and Leonard/Chapman. So we got to tour the factory and test out all of their equipment. It was a lot of fun! We have a Fisher dolly at school so we have some experience with them anyway. They had free breakfast and lunch which was awesome.

This was a Fisher dolly and film camera setup on a circular track and we got to push eachother around on it and use the camera.

We went on a tour of the factory, which was hosted by Jimmy Fisher, J.L. Fisher's son. He is in charge of the business now and knows everything about how to make the dolly. They make 95% of the dolly at there headquarters, they showed us some of the stages of development for it. It was a great experience.