Sunday, August 5, 2007


Well yesterday, Saturday, myself, my friends Adam and Josiah went sailing with our director, Bob Loudin, and his partner, Steve. Bob has directed many gameshows in particular The New Hollywood Squares. Both him and Steve are nice guys and they took us out on their 42 foot sailboat out of Long Beach. We cruised around the coast for a couple hours, had lunch, then went back. It was a fun experience.

This is Bob, the director of our show.

This is Adam, on the left, and Josiah, on the right.

Here is everyone just hanging out on the boat.

Long Beach off in the distance.

This is just my reflection from an air intake pipe on their boat. Thought it was a fun pic to share.


McGrew Family said...
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McGrew Family said...

Alex-- I am enjoying visiting your Blog!! Job well done!! Sounds like your doing great. Glad to see you on here.


Ian said...

That boat looks sweet!! Nice job Al! Give us a ring sometime!!