Thursday, August 2, 2007

Team Anal

So here are some pics of what I actually do during the taping of the shows. This is the producers table where Adam, Rodney, Dallas, Joanna, Stephanie, Josiah, Marne, and myself sit. It's very cramped.

This is me enabling, reseting, and locking out the contestants. It is a simple 4 button switcher. I also have my own preview monitor and noise cancelling headphones so I can hear just the contestants and the host, Ty.

This is my number pad that I punch in the numbers for the final round like, 16 across or 54 down. I hit the numbers and then either the accross button or the down button. It's very stressful cause if I screw up or am too slow we have to stop and sometimes start from the beginning.

This is Dallas, on the left, he works for the Griffin Group and is a producer for the show. We work with him a lot; his desk is right next to ours and is always joking around with us. He likes to push me around in the office and lock me in the supply closet or the binders room; luckily I use my sheer strength to force the door open. But in all seriousness, he's a great guy and as I keep saying, reminds me of Ian in his great work mentality and mannerisms.

This last picture is of Ty Treadway, our host, talking with one of our producers, Joanna. Ty is a great guy, he comes over all the time and talks with us and jokes around. Joanna and Stephanie are two producers and they are great; so friendly and fun. It's a joy to work with great people!


The Charles Family said...

glad to know you are actually working and have a job! Dallas, sounds just like Ian...pushing you around, locking you in the closet...what a GREAT guy!!

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