Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back to School

Hey everyone! Well right now I'm in Oregon visiting with Leo and Jenny so that means I am not in LA any more and am headed back to school. I do have some more pics of LA to put up but I'll do that when I get back to school. I thank you all for being with me on this journey and will keep trying to update even while I'm at school. I am going to be living with 5 other guys in a house right next to campus so I'll get some pictures of it so you all know where I'm living. Thanks for the comments and hopefully I can keep this blog a little interesting. I know I can't keep up with Jamie! She's doin a great job with her blog of the boys. School starts August 28th but I'm heading up to Seattle to stay with a friend until I head over to school. I'll head over to Idaho this coming Wednesday so I can have some time to unpack and rearrange for our new house. Later.

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