Monday, September 10, 2007

316 Sheridan

Finally!!! I got pics of our house. We cleaned it up cause we're throwing a party for the premiere of Merv Griffin's Crosswords. We are one street over from campus but I can see Wiley which is the building that all my classes are in so it is real close. There are 6 guys living here: 2 bedrooms upstairs that 4 people share and 2 bedrooms in the basement.

Well this is 316 Sheridan. We have a nice fenced front yard. We grill and toss the football around. We have 5 cars and 1 motorcycle so parking is always a mess here but we manage somehow.

Yep these are roses. We try to keep them nice. We usually cut some and put them in a vase for when girls come over. Yet we are all still single.

Right when you walk in the front door, to your right is our upstairs living room/music room. We just got a friend to lend us her drum set and we have 2 electric guitars as well as 4 acustic guitars and 1 bass. So my friends Matt and Andrew and I jam out...whenever we feel like it. Sometimes real late.

This is looking to your left when you walk in the front door. This is our dining room and kitchen area then to the right it goes to our laundry and the basement.

This is our "dining room table". We don't really use it except in the morning when we eat breakfast. We stare out at our neighbors.

So when you walk into the house straight back to the left is where Matt and Andrew live. They have the biggest room cause they have the most stuff.

Another angle of Matt and Andrew's room.

So when you walk into the house straight back to the right is where Kyle and myself live. My bed is the one straight ahead with the green sheets. My desk is right next to it where I work on homework. The bookshelf next to my desk is shared by both of us.

Kyle's desk and bed are on the left. Then we split the closet in half so we each have our own sides.

Our laundry.

So to go down to our basement we put up some movie posters since we watch a lot of movies down there.

When you come down the stairs on the left we have a ping pong table that came with the house where we have competitions. I'm terrible at it but its fun. We have some big movie posters too down here.

We then have the couches around the tv and all our DVDs out. Between my friend Adam and I, we have about 500 movies. So we usually check movies out to people.

My friend Adam lives down in the basement. He's got his bed and a desk. The rooms downstairs are pretty small. The two bedrooms share a bathroom so that's nice.

This is Grant's room. It's always messy. That's why he lives alone and in the basement.

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The Charles Family said...

GREAT new picts!! I am suprised by how clean the house is...with the exception of one room!! It sounds like you are going to have a GREAT senior year!! Enjoy it!! Miss you!! XOXO