Thursday, January 29, 2009

french film night

so last night i invited my friends over for french film night. i cooked up some french toast, french bread, and french fries for everyone and we had sparkling cider as we hung out a bit. we were supposed to dress like french people, but what do they dress like? well a couple people attempted and others didn't. i drew a mustache on my index finger so when i held it up to my lip it looked "convincing". we then all gathered in my living room to watch Amelie, a very funny and beautiful french movie. all in all it was a very fun night.

au revoir

Monday, January 26, 2009

watashi wa words to live by

"it started in a novel
but then they, they changed it on the screen
and a dream became a dream in vain"

"If I sing at the top of my lungs
It won't say a thing if I haven't loved"

"cause when you're young, you take your own advice.
when your tired, you stay up every night.
when it's love, you're just a fool your heart is an anchor."

"Oh I believe that everything that hurts has a way
To make you see in ways you'd never seen
God knows I'm a broken man
And I need him to change who I am"

"Life doesn't always demand that we understand,
Just enjoy it"

"And its hard to tell someone, who cant see what you see, what they cannot see, most just aren't inclined to see."

"lost a few battles but won the war."

"Love never ever seeks itself. It serves when been spat on, even in bad health."

"Tragedy, questions our sanity, second guess theology, leads to despondency, despondency turns into atrophy, so hard for us to see, the way that God sees. I know today you're in a better place, its just hard today, to see Gods way"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

a great loss...

"And then, an insight: This is what we lose when our mothers die. We lose the person who rejoices in our accomplishments and agonizes in our struggles; the person who thinks we should win every race, woo every beau or belle, and succeed at every job; the person who knows what is best for us, or thinks she does; the person who brags about us in our absence and offers expert advice in our presence. In sum, we lost the person who is our biggest fan and our most ardent defender." - Peggy Ekerdt

Saturday, January 10, 2009


i love love love it when websites or blogs get updated that haven't in a long time. one of my favorite bands, Lakes, has been recently updating in the past month and i am loving it. new pics, videos, and stories of their tour this summer. if you haven't heard of them, then you should. lakes.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

more peace and patience please...

few new things

i just arrived home from spending the holidays with my oldest brother, ian, and his family. it was a great time to play with my nephews, see my new niece, and hang out with ian and jamie. and dominate on the wii...

andrew and i used to wear pins every friday but that has died off. i just acquired a new pin today, actually an olympic pin i found on my last plane to boise. i hope we revive blink-182 and pin friday...

thirdly, haha no first or second. i have added more pictures on my flickr account. check em out if you want or you don't. no worries. you can find the link on the left hand side.

good news: our house wasn't robbed, looted, burned, or frozen when i was gone. i turned the heat to 60 and i think i'll leave it till andrew gets home. try and save our heating bill.

Friday, January 2, 2009

a new year...not a nude year

a new year has already begun and resolutions have been promised and already broken for some. i have never been one to do resolutions and this year is the same. i am excited for what is to come because it is all a new adventure. the only thing that has really been sticking in my mind about the start of a new year are some words by Josh Ritter: "Don't let me into this year, with an empty heart, with an empty heart."

live simple.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


one of ian's friends got us into a tour of ESPN, which was awesome. we got to see all of the studios, research areas, control rooms, and everywhere else. i sadly didn't see any sports stars or mascots. man i wish i would've seen the orange man. a very awesome company and a nice place to gain a lot of experience. here's a few pics with my cell phone:

funny guy

ian, joe (ian's friend), and i went to a casino and saw comedian kevin james. we literally had our backs against the wall and walked in right when kevin james walked out onto the stage. all in all it was a pretty funny show; he had a lot of good jokes and was clean. he sadly didn't have his mustache that he grew out for his latest movie...ugh