Saturday, January 18, 2014

Past Me & Present Me

Had a conversation the other day with my brother, Leo, and his wife, Jenny, about how strange it is the transformation of the person I used to be in middle & high school to now. Someone who wouldn't dare try any new food, or demanding to wear 'name brand' clothes, constantly replying with a snide remark, and thinking I had my life all figured out and who I was, boy was I wrong.

My present me laughs in ridiculousness at my past me, but my past me is dumbfounded and in a state of disbelief of present me and now thinking how my present me will become a past me and then a new present me will be different in some fashion. Now I'm talking like you're watching some Sci-Fi time travel movie, basically I am Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It is amazing how much I have changed and can thank God for the transformation and hope for more change in other areas of my life. Life is a constant of change and learning how to adapt to the newness whether we like it or not.

Was almost a year since I last blogged (except for this summer/fall when I blogged about the most recent bicycle trip from Vancouver, Canada down the coast to San Diego, California at, but been meaning to get back and letting others know what is going on in my life, as well as, what is milling around in this noggin of mine.

Past Me say hello to Present Me and Present Me wish good luck to Future You.