Thursday, December 24, 2009

live your dream

saw this video Christmas eve and really liked it. i admire his filming capabilities as well as his message "live your dream". thats what i want people to remember this Christmas: "live your dream!" seriously, we only have one life to live so why waste it doing something you don't enjoy? i am thankful that God respects and honors our hearts and our hopes and dreams. just a little reminder. also i am thankful for jesus' birth and his life saving sacrifice.

My Day "Living the Dream" from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


i stated a new blog called what i see, what i read, what i hear. its not taking anything away from this blog but focusing on my thoughts on films i watch, books i read, and music i listen to. hopefully it will give people some ideas and helpful insight on books, movies, music they might not know about. mainly its for me to just talk about what i am into and verbalizing it. still working on the blog layout, very simple right now. so check it out.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

some new videos

this video is titled: "l*ghts"

this video is titled: "once a relic"

once a relic from Alex Hackett on Vimeo.

stunt tater

here are some pics from stunt tater episode 1 and then some production shots too. and yes, i am in it. i am the little crying baby potato and a couple adult potatoes in the crowd shot near the bottom. enjoy!

potatoes without faces

stills from episode 1:

finally a CHRISTMAS update

after many long and empty weeks on this blog, i have comeback to spread Christmas joy! i had a great time in san diego with family but now i'm getting ready to move into a new house, head to Connecticut for Xmas, training on my bike, working on projects for the Idaho Supreme Court, stop motion project for Idaho Potato Commission, and getting ready to start a project for WINCO (a northwest grocery store). life is busy, life is good. i have also been trying to use my camera to stay creative. i am letting my friend joey borrow it as he heads to sudan, africa in january for 2 weeks to film a documentary for his church. so here are some pics/vids:

san diego pics:

gorilla vs helicopter: