Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our Office

These pics are of our production office which is right next door to our stage. Scattered all throughout the office's are these large pictures of Merv Griffin and notable people he had on his show. Some people I know and some I don't; I know Ronald Reagan and his wife is one pic and Pat Sajac and Vana are another and another one is Alex Trebec. Sorry for the spelling if they're wrong. But the two desks pushed together are our desks, Myself, Rodney, Adam, and Josiah. The one on the left is really Adam's and we moved over another desk and just crowd around the two. Sorry Adam! Before our desk is the recepciontists desk and the desk after ours is Dallas'. He works for the Merv Griffin Group and I think is some sort of a producer for this show. Great guy; very funny. As I said, reminds me a lot of Ian. He has ran with the bulls about 7 times and on his sixth time, he was saving a guy from a bull attack and the bull pierced Dallas' arm with his horn. He showed us videos and he has a killer scar.

This is usually how it is around 7ish when Rodney and I get to work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; empty. We have to get here early to hand out show binders to producers, executive producers, research, our computer company, and any other important people. So I have a key to Fort Knox as we call the show material room. So Rodney and I just sit around until people come and we sign out their binders and hand them to them. Pretty easy.

Up above our desks we put a sign, as you can see, saying "no fun zone." We are probably the most fun people at work so we try to be real serious when people notice it.

This last pic is of one of the shredders that I use. There are two: Jeremy and R2D2. When the week is done with or when research has confidential material that needs to be shredded then I plop down and start shredding. At the end of the week we usually have a lot to shred cause we have to shred about 270 packets of show material and then the 15 research binders which are really big. So that keeps me busy.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Playing the game

These two pics are of myself and Rodney. He is pretending to be the host and I am one of the contestants. We get to do pratice shows for the cameramen to make sure they have everything down. We basically run through the entire show with us interns as the contestants. I get to click the buzzers; they're so much fun!

Lights, Cameras, Action

Well out game show has 7 cameras. We have one section that focus on the contestants and the others have the host and one is a jib (basically a camera at the end of a long counter-balanced beam that can swing around). I have met most of the cameramen and they have all worked on very interesting shows.

These are the contestant cameras. The cameramen brought their own pillows to sit on in their chairs and one actually has his laptop perched on another chair so he can watch movies or surf the web while he is shooting. They have the luxury life. They are neat people; some work for Family Feud, Judge Judy, and many other TV shows.

These are the two cameras that get the host and a wide shot of the whole stage; then there is the jib. The bald guy, Keith, is the jib operator; great guy. He worked on Fresh Prince of Belaire, very neat.

Then this last pic is of the stage lit up and the jib making a move, flying across the stage. It's very cool to be apart of. During one show he forgot about one of the columns and slammed into it. It was the one right next to me. Oops!

Team Anal

Let me preface this by saying that one of our producers named our table Team Anal because we are so strict about our jobs. So the producers table, where I get to sit, is where two producers, Joanna and Stephanie, sit, Dallas, who you'll see in a pic, my friend Adam, Rodney, and myself. I basically push 2 buttons the entire show. I click once after the question is asked to enable the contestants to ring in and then I click another button to clear and lock the contestants until the next question. A pretty important task and actually my executive producer, Brennan, picked me for the job. That is very neat because the only person above him is Merv Griffin himself so my hardwork around the office has been noticed. My friend and roomate Rodney, who you'll see pics of, keeps track of the scores, and then my friend Adam is in charge of the sound effects. That makes up Team Anal. I'll try and get pics of all of us a little later.

This first picture is the producer's table. I'm on the left doing who knows what. I sit on the far left side. I get my own monitor!

This is a picture of me stainding around looking important....or something.

Then this is me and my controller that I push my two buttons on.

(Sorry about the pictures not being turned properly; still trying to figure this all out)


The show is called "Merv Griffin's Crosswords." It'll be airing in September on NBC around 3 or 4ish. This is our set. There are two podiums for contestants then another podium for our host, Ty Treadway. Behind them is our massive screen where our crossword puzzle and clues show up. In the show it will start out with 2 contestants then throughout the game it'll add 3 more for a total of 5 contestants; they will all have their own podiums behind the ones you see. Behind the podiums is an elevated glass path which is very fun to slide down on. We are taking bets around the office for the first person to fall off of it. Hopefully not me!