Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lights, Cameras, Action

Well out game show has 7 cameras. We have one section that focus on the contestants and the others have the host and one is a jib (basically a camera at the end of a long counter-balanced beam that can swing around). I have met most of the cameramen and they have all worked on very interesting shows.

These are the contestant cameras. The cameramen brought their own pillows to sit on in their chairs and one actually has his laptop perched on another chair so he can watch movies or surf the web while he is shooting. They have the luxury life. They are neat people; some work for Family Feud, Judge Judy, and many other TV shows.

These are the two cameras that get the host and a wide shot of the whole stage; then there is the jib. The bald guy, Keith, is the jib operator; great guy. He worked on Fresh Prince of Belaire, very neat.

Then this last pic is of the stage lit up and the jib making a move, flying across the stage. It's very cool to be apart of. During one show he forgot about one of the columns and slammed into it. It was the one right next to me. Oops!

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