Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the little engine that could...

had some car trouble on tuesday coming home from work...speeding home on the freeway, my temperature gauge started heading towards the dangerously hot section. lights. beeps. so i pulled over (crossed 3 lanes of traffic to pull over safely all within seconds). collected my thoughts and an idaho transportation vehicle showed up and the guy checked everything out and put a little bit of oil and radiator fluid in and said i could make it back out to nampa. i went approximately 1 mile and had to pull over again cause my car was on the verge of catching my engine on fire.

called my roadside assistance and got my car towed to the VW repair shop and had a friend pick me up from the side of the road. called work and told them i'd be in later the next day cause most of my friends are gone on spring break or are working in the morning. next day got my car in the shop and a fistful of money later i got my car repaired. guess my water pump imploded leaking all over everything else in my engine and my timing belt broke they also informed me that i needed some other stuff checked out so i figured i might as well get it over with so he'd be running better.

all in all i am thankful to have had some money set aside, actually for a trip, but i can save for that in the next couple months and push it back. i am also thankful to have good friends like joey to pick me up off the side of the road, tricia to make me a ton of spaghetti, and andrew to drive me to work. couldn't have made it without them. i am also thankful to jehovah jireh because he provides. funny how his plan works out when my plans fail...

p.s. before heading home and all this car trouble i bought a weight bench and other exercise equipment for andrew and i so we can workout in our basement. i'm sure the repairmen and tow truck driver was wondering what the heck i had in my car.

glad i didn't blow up on the freeway too.

Monday, March 23, 2009

medicine for the sick

some say laughter is the best medicine, i will say it is definitely a good remedy but not the best. i am so blessed to have great friends and family. i know they are always thinking of me and praying for me, it's great. i have an old adage i used to say a lot, "you have to laugh to not cry", i think this works in some circumstance but sometimes you need to cry. i have done both recently and both have helped. laughter isn't the best medicine, a good one, but God has really been the medicine for me lately, even when i am not where i should be with Him. He loves unconditionally and i can't thank Him enough...i'm not saying i'm completely healed up from my recent low points but i am better off and it's because of God's love and peace.

more please...

Monday, March 16, 2009

sometimes what's inside needs to get out

life brings hardships sometimes, it wouldn't be life if it didn't. we grow when life gets all life-y on us. it usually is a time for deep reflection and refocus. this is where i am...i can't wait to get out of it. it all just happens so quickly too, life. when you think it is going great and you can't complain, life occurs and your world feels like a shirt through the wash: inside out, twisted, and wrinkled.

refocus and revision please.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

work stuff

here are a couple things i've been working on. we made the year end dvd for BSU and here's the commercial that we created and aired on tv. the second is the marketing video i shot and created for payroll express. the third is a short spot i made for a loop to play at a united way convention, i made about 10 or so 10 second spots. all kind of similar. enjoy.

quick update

been super busy lately. just been spreading myself thin with work, hanging out with friends, working on side projects, and everything else. played a fun show last wednesday at nnu. that was a good time. been working again on my senior film. been writing music and taking pictures. just lots of stuff going on. i'll update again sooner with something more interesting. i stumbled across some funny squirrel pics at work so i'm going to add a few here. enjoy.