Friday, May 9, 2008

It is time

It is 9:32a.m. and I have been up since 4:30a.m. to "adjust to Europe time" and to have a breakfast meeting about traveling today. I finished up packing and managed to have time to get caught up on Lost and The Office before I leave. I hope I didn't forget anything; I double checked my list like 3 times and then checked online for other packing lists and I seemed to have everything. We'll see when I get over there.

Once again, e-mail me at and I'll try and keep you informed. I'll take lots of pictures and will have great stories to tell when I return.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Backyard Wrestling

Andrew pointed out the neighbor kids to me and we watched and laughed for a very long time. I wish I had a mohawk. Enjoy our commentating.

If I'm Not Here Check Europe...

Tomorrow, Friday, I leave for Europe for a month. So if you are wondering where the heck I went or you just miss me, then you can do a couple of things:

1) e-mail me ( I'll be checking e-mail everyday or two
2) just think of me or pray cause that's always good
3) make a doll that resembles myself and start talking to it like its me
4) then cheer the Red Wings on because I'm going to be gone when they hopefully go to the Stanley Cup Finals

So here are the basics...I leave Friday, May 9th at 10:00a.m. and I WON'T have my cell phone so don't bother. My school trip gets over on May 26th in Rome. I am meeting my friends in Rome at 10a.m. on the west side of the Coliseum to start our excursion.

The people going with me after the school trip are Andrew, Matt, Mikey B, Adam, and Rodney. We will be everywhere in Europe: England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy. We come back to the good ol U.S. on June 11th so I'll call and let you know that I'm still alive, if I'm alive.

that's all I have. I hope I packed everything and I will tell you of my great adventure soon!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Will Call for Wilco

Venue: Adams Event Center
Where: Missoula, Montana
When: Monday, May 5th at 8p.m. (Mountain Time)
Who: Wilco

Andrew and I left at 10a.m. on Monday morning and headed up to Missoula. It took us about 8 or so hours to drive up there, but we had great weather and awesome music to keep us entertained, as well as some good conversation. He may have kept bringing up how he missed Matt so much (true or false?). We both drove and the other one would usually nap because we've been sleep deprived lately so that was nice.

There was only 1 snag/detour/sidetrack or whatever you want to call it; Rock Creek Road. The directions told us to take this road which was a one lane dirt road that looked like it went into the heart of the wilderness. We drove on it a little bit and made a 12 point turn around and headed back to the highway.

We made it to the college and had trouble finding parking that wasn't permitted protected, so we parked in a hotel nearby and walked. So it began...

I can't remember the opening act's name, but they were alright. But then Wilco came out and played for like 2 1/2 hours! It was so sweet! They sounded soo good and were great live! We were on the floor so we were in the middle of that. Words can't really describe the concert, but it was a great one. They played from all of their albums and it was great. You'll have to turn your head to see some of the pics...sorry.

We then called up our freshman year pal, Mr. Joe Nisly, who graciously put us up for the night. Joe and his lovely wife, Kiah, made us pancakes and bacon in the morning. We owe them big time! We then drove back home to Nampa. We made it in around 3p.m. and are just exhausted. More on the way.