Sunday, July 15, 2007


The show is called "Merv Griffin's Crosswords." It'll be airing in September on NBC around 3 or 4ish. This is our set. There are two podiums for contestants then another podium for our host, Ty Treadway. Behind them is our massive screen where our crossword puzzle and clues show up. In the show it will start out with 2 contestants then throughout the game it'll add 3 more for a total of 5 contestants; they will all have their own podiums behind the ones you see. Behind the podiums is an elevated glass path which is very fun to slide down on. We are taking bets around the office for the first person to fall off of it. Hopefully not me!

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mischakoff said...

Alex-Thanks so much for giving us an inside view to this amazing opportunity!!! The photos truly show how incredible the production really is. It's better than ANY summer job I EVER had!!!!