Sunday, July 15, 2007

Team Anal

Let me preface this by saying that one of our producers named our table Team Anal because we are so strict about our jobs. So the producers table, where I get to sit, is where two producers, Joanna and Stephanie, sit, Dallas, who you'll see in a pic, my friend Adam, Rodney, and myself. I basically push 2 buttons the entire show. I click once after the question is asked to enable the contestants to ring in and then I click another button to clear and lock the contestants until the next question. A pretty important task and actually my executive producer, Brennan, picked me for the job. That is very neat because the only person above him is Merv Griffin himself so my hardwork around the office has been noticed. My friend and roomate Rodney, who you'll see pics of, keeps track of the scores, and then my friend Adam is in charge of the sound effects. That makes up Team Anal. I'll try and get pics of all of us a little later.

This first picture is the producer's table. I'm on the left doing who knows what. I sit on the far left side. I get my own monitor!

This is a picture of me stainding around looking important....or something.

Then this is me and my controller that I push my two buttons on.

(Sorry about the pictures not being turned properly; still trying to figure this all out)

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