Monday, January 26, 2009

watashi wa words to live by

"it started in a novel
but then they, they changed it on the screen
and a dream became a dream in vain"

"If I sing at the top of my lungs
It won't say a thing if I haven't loved"

"cause when you're young, you take your own advice.
when your tired, you stay up every night.
when it's love, you're just a fool your heart is an anchor."

"Oh I believe that everything that hurts has a way
To make you see in ways you'd never seen
God knows I'm a broken man
And I need him to change who I am"

"Life doesn't always demand that we understand,
Just enjoy it"

"And its hard to tell someone, who cant see what you see, what they cannot see, most just aren't inclined to see."

"lost a few battles but won the war."

"Love never ever seeks itself. It serves when been spat on, even in bad health."

"Tragedy, questions our sanity, second guess theology, leads to despondency, despondency turns into atrophy, so hard for us to see, the way that God sees. I know today you're in a better place, its just hard today, to see Gods way"

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