Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rate Your Pain

Today I visited with the doctor to see what is the deal with my ankle and here is what we found out: I'm a level 4 on the pain scale. I know most of you have heard the Brian Regan skit about breaking a femur and what-not and when the nurse came in, she showed me the above chart to point out the level of pain that I was in. I looked at it for a little bit, then looked at her, then looked at the chart and pointed to the 4 and said "Maybe a four. I'm not real sure about rating my pain; I can't ever justify rating something above a 6" she then made some corny joke about "Well if you were at a 10 you would definitely know." I just looked at her and then I said "Well maybe, I'd probably still lowball it cause I can always think of something a little more painful like a car crushing your body." She wrote something down on the chart (probably about my comments) then she went to get the doctor.

I got some X-rays and nothing is broken, thankfully but I did tear a lot of nerves and shifted my ankle a bit, but he said with some "exercises", daily icing, and an ace bandage it should be back to normal in a couple weeks. While he was looking at my ankle he asked me to take off my sock and I was like "Well I don't have the best feet." he said he'd seen a lot of bad fee, but when I took off my sock, he just stared at my feet for like a minute or two not saying anything just looking and I asked him if there was something wrong and he just said "No, nothing at all." It was very strange.

So he pulled, twisted, and shoved my ankle all over and it popped a couple times then he put some sticky pads all over my ankle and did some sort of electric shock therapy. It felt like my foot was falling asleep, it was all tingly. They wanted to have it just below a level of discomfort so they would turn up the level then tell me to say "when." I wanted to see how much I could endure so they were just turning it up and looking at me and I just looked at them and they turned it up more until the electricity was so much that it was making my toes move by themselves so I told them to back it off a bit cause it was indeed hurting. I've never done that sort of stuff before so it was pretty neat. I just laid there and watched my toes curl up and twitch; I was laughing out loud in this room; then a nurse would walk in to see if I was alright. They probably thought I was crazy.

All in all I will be fine. I just thought I'd tell you that I'm a level 4.

(I took this pic with my cell phone, while the nurse wasn't looking; wasn't sure what their policy was)

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Ian said...

i love that the number 2 guy is smiling.