Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Things I love about the cold...

Since I've been home, I think this is like Day 2, I haven't really gone outside because it is stinkin cold here. Today, I think the high was just barely in the teens. So my dad and I went out for a walk after dinner, and I think it was 1 degree out...did you read that right? 1 DEGREE!!! It was really cold out and my dad wanted to go for a walk so I bundled up and it wasn't that bad. So here are some things that I love about the cold:

(No particular order)

1. Windows have a glaze of ice over them, so the world looks completely different.

2. My face gets really tight and I can't talk correctly (kinda like when we went up to the Cross in Boise)

3. My dogs have short hair so when I let them outside to go to the bathroom, they do their business really fast so I don't have to wait long.

4. The fear of getting frostbite and having a sweet story to tell.

5. When I inhale through my nose and my nose hairs freeze (All-time favorite!)

6. Seeing my breath

7. Collecting ice on my face

8. Crunching through snow (I love powder too)

9. Parking far away and walking really fast (not a run) but more like a speed walk with you hands in your pockets and your head trying to get inside your coat.

10. Walking out on my frozen lake and looking down and seeing the bubbles and the seaweed frozen.

11. Being able to come in from the cold and wrap up in a blanket, sit by a fire, and drink something warm, like hot chocolate (I'm just not a coffee fan, sorry)

If you have some favorites about the cold let me know, write a comment or something. Bundle up.

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