Saturday, December 29, 2007

Movie Talkers

I just recently saw "No Country For Old Men" again with my dad and Brigid. It was indeed better the second time. That's beside the point here, in our movie, sitting in the row in front of us to the right was this lady and her teenaged son who were continually talking loud about the movie. I did a very good job ignoring them until the very end of the movie, in which they didn't like the outcome and they decided to holler out their opinion so everyone could hear. This is where I just snapped, I was upset with her for ruining my movie experience.

As we walked out of the movie I kept thinking what right does she have to say that the ending was bad and that we wanted to hear her opinion at all. It was just real frustrating. When I was waiting for my dad and Brigid to come out of the restrooms, I followed them and took there picture. Here they are:

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