Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Old Bands

Tonight as I was surfing the internet, I wanted to listen to something that I haven't listened to in awhile so I remembered a couple of bands that really influenced me as a youth and I looked them up since I thought they were no longer bands anymore. Well I was wrong; one band, Slick Shoes, has started another band called Sigmund (they're on myspace) then the other band, Dogwood, is still a band. It is great to find out that these bands are still around making the same old music they used to play. They both have new cds or ep's, which really excites me. I have now started listening to these bands' older songs to get me pumped for them again.

Also another music related thingy. Last night, my dad and I watched a Paul McCartney concert on tv. It was awesome! He played so many great songs from The Beatles, Wings, and then from his regular band; we both sat around singing along with the Paris crowd. That is a concert that I would love to go to someday. There is something about being older and going to a concert and singing along and being just really pumped about being there; that's how this crowd was like and that's how I'd like to be when I get older.

So I challenge you to look through some of the music that you used to listen to and look them up or just go back and listen to some of these bands that shaped our lives whether it be AC/DC, Blink-182, DC Talk, Michael Buble, Michael Jackson, or Larnell Harris (only some of you will know who he is).

In the words of my good friend Andrew Stout, "A deal's a deal!" (no clue but it sounded good)

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