Monday, December 24, 2007

Journal Thoughts #1

As I stated before, only if you read the previous post, that I bought a pocket journal and have started jotting things down that I need to remember, things that inspire me, things that baffle me, and so on. Get the point? Hope so. I just want to share a few things that I wrote down today:

The first is from the famous Christmas song "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" which was sung at church this Sunday morning. The phrase: "Born that man no more may die". This just really meant a lot to me during this season; Jesus came as a baby so no more people would "die". He saved us from eternal death, giving us everlasting life. I just really like it.

There is a great Christmas song that was sung during church this Sunday, but it wasn't done with justice (sorry Dad and Brigid, they were in the choir). An a cappella group that our family grew up to, Glad, was all I heard while the choir was singing it. I love how it talks about his birth but then to his plan here on earth then to his resurrection to his return. I love the words of the third verse. Good stuff. Here's the words:

In the first light of a new day
No one knew He had arrived
Things continued as they had been
While a new born softly cried.

But the heavens wrapped in wonder
Knew the meaning of His birth
In the weakness of a baby
They knew God had come to earth.

As His mother held him closely,
It was hard to understand
That her baby not yet speaking
Was the Word of God to man.

He would tell them of His kingdom,
But their hearts would not believe
They would hate Him and in anger
They would nail Him to a tree.

But the sadness would be broken
As the song of life arose
And the First born of creation
Would ascend and take his throne.

He has left it to redeem us,
But before His life began
He knew He´d come back not as a baby
But as The Lord of ev´ry man.

Hear the angels as they´re singing
On the morning of His birth
But how much greater will our song be
When He comes again
When He comes again

Hear the angels as they´re singing
On the morning of His birth
But how much greater will our song be
When He comes again to Earth

When He comes to rule the Earth!

Then the second to last thing was that I forgot Becca's birthday. It was in July and I want to say sorry and that I have it written down and inputed into my calendar so I hope I do better this next year :)

The last thing I want to share is something else that happened in church today. My dad and Brigid were in the church Christmas choir, and they did great! Except I don't think my dad got the memo, e-mail, text, or something about the dress code. Most of the people were wearing a variation of reds, blacks, and whites, but my dad wore a BRIGHT green sweater. It was hilarious; he was right in the middle of the group so he wasn't really hidden. When I saw this I knew I had to jot it down and share it. It was really funny. If Adam was there he would've said something like "Oh Herbie!" (my dad's name is Leonard, not Herbie).


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Ian said...

That book is going to change your life friend.