Monday, December 17, 2007

Long drives, northern lights, and dogs

Well I made it home tonight (if its Sunday) or morning (if its Monday). But I am here nonetheless. I arrived at Boise airport with my good friend, Matt; we hung out for a bit which was good. We said goodbye to Kyle and wished him the best of luck with being at home basically alone.

I want to first off commend Matt for a job well done. I hope you're glad you did it.

Well I read a lot of Crime and Punishment on the plane, but it is getting a little boring (Jenna you were right!), but I will press on. I did buy a book in Seattle and am almost done with it; it is really interesting and easy to read. So I'll finish that here shortly. I slept a little on the flight from Boise to Seattle, but non going up to Alaska. I just mainly read and listened to Josh Ritter (love him and yes Matt I might marry him).

My dad was there to pick me up, let me just say that one of my favorite feelings is having someone waiting to pick you up from the airport; you know like standing out past the security gate. It's just nice to see them and hug and say hi. It was good.

So from Anchorage to Wasilla its about an hour drive so my dad and I caught up which was nice. On the drive home we saw some Northern Lights (they were green and dancing); they were really pretty and I was so glad to see them. I hope to see them again and take pics of them to share with all of you who are not able to see them.

Once I arrived home, I brought in my bags and placed them in my "room". Its more of a workout area, which I hope to do a lot of. But then my dad let our dogs out of their room and they jumped all over me. Another one of my favorites in life is seeing my dogs; I just laid on my bed and had them run all over me and sit on my chest and lick me. I love them so much!

If you are at home, I hope you enjoy it and if you aren't (Kyle) then I hope the best for you to manage until you get there. More from me later, but now I must sleep :)

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