Friday, December 14, 2007

Age of Innocence

So today, was a day unlike most, today was the first day of Christmas Break and no school. A great day, I'd say! Other's would come to remember this day as Ryan and Claire's wedding day, but not really for me.

We all got a late start on the day in which we got up, took "quick" showers, and headed down to the Dex where we heartbrokenly saw that the Dex was indeed not open anymore. We went home and scrounged through our food to make something for breakfast. This is besides the point really of what happened today, but it is just nice to know :)

Matt was sadly at work for most of the day. So while Andrew, Kyle, and I were laying around in our living room we wanted to do something but only had the usual things to do: watch a movie, burn something, etc. We somehow got on the subject of guns and remembered we have a .22 pistol so we looked around the house for anything we could shoot at and we grabbed an old computer monitor, a pumpkin, and an old fan. We then drove to Wal-Mart where we were being drilled with questions about our activities, since we really don't know much about guns we did seem a little suspicious. We got a box of 550 bullets and drove out to Pickle Butte.

We crossed over some frozen water and over a hill to a secluded area where we setup our targets and proceeded to puncture holes in them. It was a great time; we laughed, got scared, and froze our butts off (not me so much; I don't have much of one). The gun was a lot louder than we expected and I think each of us are still recovering from not wearing ear protection. (Always wear protection!). Lesson learned for the day. We saw a frozen bird, found a license plate for our wall, and had a great time together.

Once we were done shooting, because some 4-wheelers and dirt bikers came along, we decided for the last hoorah we would blow up the computer monitor. So we put a "works" bomb in it and waited....and waited...and waited...and waited some more. We basically waited for almost 10 minutes when Kyle and Andrew walk with their backs towards the monitor to see what was going on. They saw that it was almost ready to blow so they ran back just in time to not get killed, but it wasn't the explosion we all hoped for. Hope you enjoy the videos and pics.

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Anonymous said...

The "end of innocence" is a line I took from Lord of the Flies; I think that we have now achieved the same demise as those boys: marauding around, shooting, and destroying. I would have it no other way. We still have a few hundred bullets...