Friday, December 7, 2007

Fast Food Sham

So tonight, Friday, at 12:35, Kyle and I go out to get some fast food. We wanted McDonald's so we passed Wendy's which is a block down the street.

We get to McDonald's and it's closed! Ahhh.

So we drive over to Walmart cause they have a McDonald's so we drive by and peak in the entrance to see if they're open, but NOPE they aren't.

We try Wendy's but no...nobody's home.

Then we tried DQ (closed), Sonic (closed), A&W (closed). Failure after failure.

I know Jack in the Box is open but I HATE them. I won't even take people to eat there. Sorry.

Until (ahhhh) the holy grail opens up and Kyle say's Taco Bell is open till 1. The time....12:50 so we rush down 12th and decide to give up on fast food and just get a pizza.

So we went back to Walmart and got a freschetta pizza....which is cooking at the moment. We're starving.

Darn you fast food. Not being open late. Like people don't need to eat past midnight.

I've said enough.

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