Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Well I just checked my grades (you should check yours if you haven't yet). I am writing this because I want to let you know how I got here. I'm not talking about it to boast or complain; I am grateful for what I earned. So I looked at my grades, hoping for all A's this semester, but instead there were 8 A's and 1 B+. The B+ came in Digital Design with Prof. Hubble.

Why? How? All questions that initially ran through my head, but then I remembered some reasons why I might have gotten this grade.

First off, Adam and I were in the class together in which we ALWAYS talk with each other. And if you know Adam, he is one of the loudest people ever...he's a McFarlane so its ok. We were threatened many a times to get separated and even thrown out of class; our final presentation in the class. Ooops. (Mistake #1)

We would always pretend to kill each other in the middle of class because we know the programs pretty well. One would attack the other with a pen or pretty much anything and the other would try and stop the attack but in the end one person would "die" and then we would fall out of our chairs and onto the floor where we wouldn't just get up, we would wait there a second to pretend to be dead. This is all during class time and we sat in the front part of the room. (Mistake #2)

I don't know if it is against school policy, but for our last big project in the class, we had to make 2 pages out of a cookbook and I knew right away that I wanted to make it a complete joke. So I pretended with the professor that I love cooking and that I was going to break out some old family recipes. I knew one of my dishes and I was excited to see if I could pull it off. A new twist on coffee: honey, sugar cubes, hot coffee, melted chocolate, and saran wrap. Yes I made a coffee called A Hot Cup of Carl. (Mistake #3)

Well these were 3 instances that I can remember from class that probably didn't help with my grade. O-well I did my best-ish.

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