Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Hot Water Heater

Well by looking at the title you already now what this is going to be about; yes, you guessed it, we got a new hot water heater. So here's the backstory:

Down in Adam's room we've been having an area in the carpet that is just crazy wet. So after a couple weeks of this, big man Grant called our landlord and he got someone out to look at it. So funny story now.

This morning, Matt was asleep in his underwear on the couch and I saw the repair guy pulling in. So I went to go get Grant to let him know that he's here. But the repair guy was super fast and knocked at the door before I could get back up so Matt answered the door in his underwear. Funny stuff.

So the hot water heater was put in then the walls were built around it so they had to take out part of the wall to get it out and put the new one in. So here's what else happened today.

Kyle has VOWED to not take a shower for a whole week but NOW I just heard that he did take a shower today. I was going to keep a daily blog about his non-shower vow. But he is now a LIAR!!!

Well I'm over it. But now Andrew can get back to 38 min showers and Matt can sing as loud as he wants early in the morning while he takes showers, and Kyle can I guess take one for a change. As for Grant and Adam, I have nothing sarcastic to say about them cause I like them.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Funny, but remember on Halloween when Matt answered the door in his underwear and it was little kid tricker-treaters. He's going to end up in a lawsuit.