Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Headed Back

Tomorrow I make the great trek from Alaska to Idaho; I am very excited to go back, but a little sad to leave at the same time. Even though I was all packed and ready to go since yesterday afternoon and sitting around bored for a good portion of the break, I still enjoyed my time here with my dad and Brigid, Mike, Becca, Nick (the little that we were together), and others.

I don't have much to say, but I know I will be back home sometime during the summer. I will miss the frozen lake, Matty and Jerry, as well as the Hamblen's next door.

I arrive back to Idaho around 9:30a.m. and will hope and pray that one of my great roommates will find it in their hearts to come and pick me up anywhere between the times of 9:30-noon (that's what Andrew said to me). I wish Matt luck traveling, I can't remember when he was heading back. It'll be good to see everyone soon.

A new semester; a new adventure.

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i am from another time said...

you should wear a St. Christopher necklace tommorow. he is the patron saint of travel. looking forward to seeing you soon.