Thursday, January 17, 2008

4 Things different

Alrighty folks. Here are two pictures; there are 4 things different can you name them (some are more obvious than others)?

Write your 4 in the comments section and I'll tell you if you're right. Also scroll down to the older post to see one of the 4. It's tough to tell.


Ian said...


The Charles Family said...

1. calendar picture
2. light on/off
3. smiling lips closed/open
4. old/new glasses
not sure if those are the 4?! looks like school is keeping you busy:)

Alex Hackett said...

Well here's the 4:
1. Lamp on/off
2. Calendar picture
3. old/new glasses
4. little Andrew drawing in background

(I know that one was smiling and not smiling, but that's not what I meant to do. But I'll count it.)

Ian said...

that's bull because you are kinda blocking that picture.

The Charles Family said...

i guess i made my guess when ian was posting his...because there were no comments when i sarted typing!