Monday, January 21, 2008

Last 2 Nights

If you look at the yellow thing hanging from the ceiling (farthest right), we sat right underneath it on the second level.

The last two nights have been great ones! I love college and everything that it brings.

On Saturday I had the privilege of accompanying Jenna to her first hockey game; we went and saw the Idaho Steelheads play the Alaska Aces. I feel like we had a good time; mainly chatting while we tried to watch the two teams battle. We had some crazy kids sitting behind us screaming a lot; oh I love kids, but I do. Jenna pointed out to me from across the arena this lady with SUPER long hair, like down to her knees. It was really funny; I've never seen hair that long. The game ended 2-1, in favor of the Steelheads (Congrats Jenna for picking the winning team). After the game we went to go see Joey at the Levi's store, but it was closed (too bad). We then went to a coffee shop to chat while people fought each other in the parking garage. Truly a great night.

On Sunday night a group of us went up to the hot springs; yes there was snow, and yes it was a little chilly, but FUN nonetheless. Let me backtrack for a moment; when we were driving up there, we went past the hot springs and Andrew was going to turn around, but pulled off the side of the road and slammed into some piled up snow. Funny! So we hiked up the trail and lounged in the hot springs for a handful of hours. Truly awesome! We talked about everything from politics, happiness, who would play who if our school performed "Star Wars" the play (which I love the idea), and so much more. It was so bright with the snow and just beautiful. We missed Jenna, Kylie, and Becca, next time though.

Let me change gears and talk about thievery for a second. When we got back down to the cars, one of Andrew's doors wasn't locked (not placing blame) and someone that shared the same hot springs as us went through his car. They went through Andrew's wallet, his cd's, and who knows where else, but they took nothing...except my Starbucks frappuccino. I'm not mad about not having it, but its the principle behind it. I just wanted it to be aware to these people that going through someone else's car is low, but also taking a drink is just lame. I hope they enjoyed it and kept them awake as they headed home.

All in all my weekend has been filled with great times; not only on Saturday did I go out to a hockey game, but when I came home there was a house-full of people and we jammed like we've never jammed before. Thanks for the great times all!

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