Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sing-Along Anyone?

Tonight Kyle, my roommate, has been trying to learn the words to a famous song by Carl Orff, "Carmina Burana". You all have most likely heard it; it may have played for something with the movie 300 or at least it sounds like it could. I was out chatting with Matt in the living room and heard this real epic music blaring and Kyle trying to sing along with it so here he is in all his glory. (He doesn't know that I recorded him, yet).


Matt Gilroy said...

Hahahahahaha! That's the most Hahahahahahaha! Kyle's such a Hahahahaahahaha! One more thing, Hahahahahahaha!

Sister Brains said...

I agree with Matt's comment.


Thats awesome.

Pretty good for a different language there Kyle

P.S. you better run hard when he find's out you did this

Alex Hackett said...

As Ian always says, when I started to think that you weren't gay, you go and do something like this to make me question if you actually are.