Thursday, January 24, 2008

Buster Bluth, I Saw You

Today at Sundance, Adam and I were down in one of the exhibit halls and I went and looked at some media-artwork and who walked right in front of me? The one and only Buster Bluth, or Tony Hale. After multiple glances and then finding Adam and following Buster, we gave it a 95% that it was him. We then lost him. O-well, it made my day.

Well I was only able to watch one movie today, "Traces of the Trade". It was a documentary about a family who finds out that their distant relatives were the biggest slave traders in American history. A small group of the family journeyed from slave routes to talk with people about how to make amends with their relatives actions. For what it was worth, a documentary at Sundance, it was good; it had good graphics of how they traveled from Rhode Island to Ghana (Africa) to Cuba (Cuba) then to Charleston, South Carolina. They really didn't challenge the audience or really tell how they really changed so these two things counted against them in my book.

The other movie I was supposed to see, as well as a handful of others, was a movie called "Mysteries of Pittsburgh". This was supposed to be one of the top movies here at Sundance. This year, for a complicated reason, we didn't get any "hard tickets" (guaranteed tickets) so we had to wait in the waiting list line. I was number 176; they sold 90 tickets and then there were over 200 people in the waiting list line; of course they stopped the waiting list line at around 150ish. So we waited in the cold and snow for about an hour for nothing....o-well. I had a great time hanging out with Joey, Scott, and Troy; great freshman guys if you don't know them. So We took the shuttle to town and walked up the street to some places and that's where I saw Buster. Tomorrow I go try and see 2 movies so the best of luck to me. Hope all is well in good ol' Nampa, Idaho.

Peace be the journey.

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