Friday, January 4, 2008

Back to the basics

I have been back to school for basically 2 days now and we're back to the same o' same o' activities: jamming whenever we want, laying around reading, listening to music in the living room, and our favorite: roaming around campus looking for mischief to get into.

Tonight Cork, Andrew, and I went strolling around campus trying to find the "good golf cart" so we went to search around and in environmental services but in the meanwhile we were walking there, Cork with a butane lighter lit an old Christmas tree on fire and it started blazin like crazy! He gave it the old "two kick" try to put it out but it was so dry that it quickly started chuggin out the fire. We left it alone until it went out.

We then went into the ES (Environmental Services) garage and hung out in the athletic bus, but got spooked and left. We then went around campus trying to find it but we had no luck, but did indeed find a great new "mobile" that we are planning on modifying. You will all have to just wait and see; if done then it will be hilarious.

This is all I have. I just want to say that I am very excited to be back at school and can't wait to see the others who aren't here yet.

See you all soon.

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