Sunday, February 24, 2008

Remembering the past to relate to the present

I was looking through some Calvin and Hobbes comics tonight and came across a few that I really enjoy or relate to the here and now. Enjoy.

This one is for Matt; for that one time he went to Razzle Dazzle and they just had to shave it all off. I think hats were in at that time.

I wore my lucky rocketship underwear a couple nights ago and I had a similar day to Calvin :(

This reminds me of my dad, he always wanted to raise a kid and tell them just crazy stuff. (Black is white, up is down, things are not what they actually are) Luckily it wasn't me but my brother I don't talk about, Claude (Sorry Kristin no relation to Clyde or whatever his name was) ha.

This one's for Kyle cause he loves math, but sadly he probably won't read this. We miss you Kyle.


Sister Brains said...

I think Calvin & Hobbes is the most brilliant comic ever written.

And just to clear things up...I was just trying to show that dude Claude a good time...and show him that the people at NNU are top notch :)

Alex Hackett said...

I was just messing with you about Claude. It is a funny story. It is just similar to how Nate and I met; I put myself on the line and keep getting crap to this day. Enjoy :)

Sister Brains said...

Enjoy Claude?

Wait...I'm confused.


Alex Hackett said...

Enjoy. Enjoy getting crap for the whole Claude thing.

Sister Brains said...

Haha ohhhh. Gotcha.