Sunday, February 24, 2008

A little memory

So tonight as I was folding my socks, cause I just did some laundry, I found myself ripping the holes in my socks into larger and larger holes. This is what my mom would always do with my socks when she would do my laundry. At the time I was always upset cause of course I would always wear the socks till they had holes where my toes would pop out or my heel would be exposed; now I just smile cause its something I can remember about my mom. I know Leo definitely knows what I'm talking about, he wears socks out like nobodies business. I think Jenny does this too! I can only smile about it.

P.S. This is not a pic of my foot. Andrew can tell you that I have ugly feet. I don't like them.


Leo and Jen said...

Yep! Go Pam! I do it with Leo's t-shirts too... rip em' right off him. No holey things on my man!!

Leo and Jen said...

Ps. I seem to remember you having hobbit feet... with fungus nails.