Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back in town but my mind still wanders

This past week has been tough for me; staying focused on school work, my senior film, and classes. Mexico was such a great trip and a needed time of relaxation, but ever since I have been back I have felt out of my element.

At our intramural basketball games I have just felt sluggish, not my normal get up and go probably because of all the fine Mexican dining we ate as well as candy/pastries. I held auditions this last week for my 3 roles in my senior film and it went alright; I had about 10 people signed up to audition and only 4 actually showed up. Luckily two of the people who showed up were pretty darn good so that was nice, and the other will do just fine.

I find myself sitting in classes and just zoning out remembering how awesome the beach was or how pretty the water was down in Mexico. I know Spring Break is not too far off and that is going to be an epic trip, but Mexico was Mexico. Every time I have gone South of the border, it has always left great impressions. Just adding more to the list.

I know I'll snap back into this thing called school and my regular routine, but for now I'm going to keep remembering the fun times in Puerto Penasco.

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Leo and Jen said...

And where does spring break take you this year? I thought you were filming over that time.