Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Power outages, rioting, looting, and just plain havoc

(This could've been us over at Paul's just making off with tons and tons of cardboard boxes.)

If this title doesn't sum up what happened tonight then I don't know what would. It all happened when our power in our house went out around 7:30p.m. and we were changing to go play our intramural b-ball game. Our neighbors across the street had power but our whole block had nothing. Parts of NNU campus had no power. We played our game (this is all we'll talk about it) then went home expecting the power to be back on. Nay, not true. It was still out so we decided that we might as well go wreak some havoc around campus. Right when we all got dressed and literally heading out the door, the lights came on.

(Or this could've been us getting attacked by the riot police.)

AHHH big let down, I know, but don't worry. All of NNU's power went out so we still went out. Evan met over here at our house and we roamed around campus seeing what we could do. Right when we were getting ready to head into the music building, 2 security guards with flashlights shined over at us and yelled at us to not go in the building. We sadly just went back home where we met Ian, Joey, and Phil in the roadway and had an old fashion gang fight. Instead we went home and watched Kyle and Kristin (no clue what her last name is) making out hardcore in our basement. It was very awkward.

(Or this could've been us lighting fires in the streets and dancing like little Irish men.)

So we built up this sweet thought of having the whole campus on a platter for us to just explore and have a great time and it all shattered in front of us. This was a once and a lifetime opportunity and we tried to take advantage of it. Better luck next time.

Just reminds of that one time in Louisiana when we were looting like crazy and throwing molotov cocktails. Rest in Peace.

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Matt Gilroy said...

That's what it will look like in Mexico this weekend!