Friday, February 8, 2008

A picture says 1000 words

Tonight was the Valentine's Day Banquet and let's just let the picture do the talking...

In all reality it was a fun time. I went with Kristin Plyler and I feel like we had a good time. We went to a restaurant called Brick 29 where we had awesome food, an illusionist, photo opportunities, as well as me heckling anything and everyone. We sat with Andrew and Andrea, Matt and Becca, and Seth and Molly. It was a good table. It was really nice to see everyone else there (you know who you are: Bartlett and Carly, Jenna and Kylie, Kyle and Olivia, Jenn. After all the festivities we changed and went bowling! I hate to brag but I did win, 129 I think; sorry Matt, he was so close I think he was 124. Fun times! Where did my hair go?


Sister Brains said...

I must say you were a pretty top notch date. I had a blast.

Did you find a crumber yet?


Sister Brains said...

what a good night.

kristin, what a lucky girl. a blog dedicated to a night with you!

alex, i'm here to say this: you are a classy man.


Sister Brains said...

this picture came in second place. the silver medal: not too shabby, right? perhaps if you two wore matching shoes, the competition would have been much more intense.


'twas a good night indeed. a delight, a pleasure.


Sister Brains said...

ask matt who's picture was the best.