Friday, February 1, 2008

Best Nephews in the World

Waylon on the left and Easton on the right.

Most of you know that I am an uncle...nay...a PROUD UNCLE. My oldest brother, Ian, and his wife, Jamie, have two little boys and another child on the way. Easton is the oldest, he's over 3, while Waylon is a little over 1. I had the great opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with them and have been checking up on their lives through their blog that Jamie keeps up-to-date. I love it Jamie!

I love to see how they grow up more and more and how they become best friends with each other. I am very excited to see them hopefully for graduation! I just want to share some favorite pics of them.


The Charles Family said...

what a GREAT uncle you are!! the boys really miss you...when are you coming back for a visit?? we all hope to see you in may!!

Sister Brains said...

i'm torn between the space shuttle picture and the first one. cute kids indeed.