Monday, February 18, 2008

2,200 mile journey

Not sure quite what to say. There was so much that went down that I forget most of it. I'll give you the highlights:

Left Thursday evening; drove 20 hrs down to Puerto Penasco which is south of Arizona about 1,200 miles. We drove non-stop. Puffer and I had the late night/early driving. We had a good time swapping stories, saying just crazy things, and learning a little more about how weird we are. Luckily we had a ton of drinks from the Perk to keep us awake. Matt and Andrew tried to sleep like babies, they got a little bit of shut-eye.

Got through Vegas and to the Hoover Dam where we wanted to get out and walk around it and use the bathroom; all we found was a federal vehicle blocking us in ON THE BRIDGE and giving Puffer a ticket for "an illegal u-turn". That costed $135 plus .41 for a stamp (they didn't provide a stamp).

We made it through that lengthy process unharmed and went on our way through Arizona. We met a friend along the way, but al we could do was pay our respects. This cow (it had utters and horns. gender-bender?) was hit and drug off the road. *GRAPHIC PICTURE*

Got to Lukeville, U.S. border town which is just a gas station and border station; I snapped a photo of the "10 Most Wanted Fugitives" just incase we found them across the border. Didn't find any. If you want to know about the Canadian guy, you'll have to ask me about it cause it seems to difficult to type it out.

We drove through the Mexican border town of who knows what where we ran into some construction i.e. a HUGE HOLE in the road. Of course their detours suck but we eventually made it to Puerto Penasco. It is a small town that is getting ready to be the new big thing in Mexico; tons of huge resorts are going up.

We had a great time lounging on the beach in our speedos, playing toss with our football, haggling with the locals, eating local cuisine, hiking a mountain, and sleeping on the beach. I got a Mexican fighting mask, we saw a 3 legged dog, and Puffer touch a pelican.

This is of course the watered down version of our trip. Hope you enjoy all of these pictures. I have a ton more; these are only a handful of ones I thought you'd all like to see. Enjoy.


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Breyanna said...

How awesome.
looks like you boys had a blast!
:] thats one big cacti!