Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Boy or Girl

Gender-bender or Shim? You be the judge. (Not a great example...sorry)

No no no, not the fun game that Andrew and I like to play when looking through the scambook. Actually we played it last night, if you don't know what it is I'll explain real fast. You pick a person's picture that is questionable of whether or not its a guy or girl. Try it sometime, you might be looking at a picture of one of us!

Alright back to the point. Today/Tomorrow sure depends on when you read this, my oldest brother, Ian, and his wife, Jamie, go in to see if they are having a little boy or a little girl. They have two little boys, who you should all know or at least see a picture of cause they're so darn cute, so they are really excited to see if the boy streak continues or if a girl changes things up.

If its a girl, then it would be a big step in our family, since there are only 3 boys in our family. Jamie keeps a blog for Easton and Waylon, see side bar, and she put up a pole to see what everyone's thought on the sex of the baby; I voted girl. I'm ready to have a niece. So I'll try and keep you all up to date.

Easton, their oldest, flip flops between what it should be but in one video clip he said that he thinks its going to be a boy and that mommy and daddy should name him Batman and if its a girl then of course Batgirl. I told my brother and his wife to keep their options open cause Batgirl could be a kickin' name.


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Ian said...

Everyone knows it will be a boy for two reasons: 1) Even if it is a girl, I have found a baby-swap partner in China ready to send me his son in exchange for my daughter and, more importantly, 2)Real men make men. Enough said.