Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a new endeavor

tonight i visited my friends at the brick house and expected a time to hangout and catch up but instead i not only got the first, but also nate, joey, and i jammed. i've been playing by myself lately but it just felt so awesome to come together and rock. and boy did we. i have been thinking about writing some music and now i am just super inspired to, not guaranteeing anything great or even good, but i am going to try and get out of my regular box of when i write. explore some new things.

i am super excited. i hope to utilize the many instruments i semi-play. expect to hear more news about this in the NEAR future. but for now i'll leave you with my band name:

I am I
You are You


Leo and Jen said...

So what would the instruments be that you semi-play? I know you play the guitar.... and drums.... anything else?

Matt Gilroy said...

I know for a fact that he can play harmonica, mandolin, and a certain variation of the flute. Right on. And write on. Let me know when you write something. I want to hear!

Alex Hackett said...

guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, mandolin. no flutes matt. har har. when and if i record, i will probably make a myspace. seems like something bands do.

matt: nate and joey's band, two girls, is freakin great. they have recorded some stuff on a talkboy. we are playing wednesday night live and then the collective is playing right after. wish you were here. oh i think joe v is giving me his mando for a bit.