Sunday, February 1, 2009

frozen hike

yesterday i had the opportunity to enjoy God's great creation. a few friends and i went out to one of our favorite spots, jump creek. every time i am out there, i am reminded of God's uniqueness, beauty, and love. i feel right now God has been really speaking to me through all sorts of His creation and sadly, not so much through His word. funny how that happens but then other times it's the reverse.

it has been super cloudy the past couple weeks and yesterday was no different but i had hope that the sun would poke it's head out for us and when we reached the top of the canyon, the sun, as phil said, "was just lovin on us." it was truly a peaceful experience; i did bring my cameras with me, but sometimes pictures can't capture the entire feeling and beauty. also i keep forgetting to switch from my telephoto lens to a wider lens so i didn't get the pictures i really wanted. o-well, means i have to go out there again. it was at first a little chilly, but once we got moving, we did warm up. enjoy.

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Leo and Jen said...

Beautiful! Nobody was jumping into the creek today I see! You know I was driving to work the other day thinking about the word "Holy". We (here in America) truly don't have a clue as to what HOLY is. We have no reverence, and not even a clue about the word AWESOME. Walks like these are about the closest we have to understanding HOLY.... what a blow to the mind it will be when we experience God in full glory.... HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is the Lord God ALMIGHTY!