Thursday, February 12, 2009


two things have humbled me this week. two very personal instances (you have been warned):

1. saw a lady sitting on the side of the road with a sign that said "anything would help" and then another sign that had a smiley face. no one would acknowledge her, like she wasn't even there. i read a quote in a book, "under the overpass", by a homeless man, Peter, and he said this: "A smile is such an easy thing to give away, don’t you think?" that really hit me and i try and show people love through acknowledgment and a friendly smile and whatever else i feel prompted to do. so in this instance i was in my car headed to work after a shoot and i don't carry cash so i had nothing to give other than my smile. we locked eyes and i saw her light up from my measly little smile. not many instance have brought me to breaking out in tears, but this was one. God humbled me that Tuesday afternoon.

2. i stepped out of my comfort zone and played a couple songs at an open mic night at nnu at the brick house, mainly filled with friends. i knew the songs in and out, but nervousness and my ego got to me; i felt like i butchered the songs and was embarrassed for myself. coming home, i reflected on this and noticed it was a way for God to humble me and show me that i need to rely on Him and not on myself and my own talents. i have been saying a certain phrase whenever i feel pain or discomfort or embarrassment and that is "it only makes me stronger" and i feel like this is another instance that has made me stronger.

more grace please.


Leo and Jen said...

I've been sitting here for a few minutes, trying to think of something in reply because I totally hear what you are saying here. I can't think of anything at the moment that remotely sounds intelligent though, so I'll leave it with a "yah, I hear yah".... and know there is quite a bit more depth to it than that. Couple years ago I flipped open a National Geographic at school. It was a picture of three children sitting on a wall,and under their feet was a starving child dying in the road. No reaction on the three because it was a common site to see people laying... waiting to die in the roads. My heart was broken, and I was humbled. I sat in my classroom crying asking God why I'm so blessed. Why I have the things I do, when there are those who live like that picture. I was reminded that I'm also responsible for and accountable to the things that I've been put steward over. Very humbling. You're right....more grace please!

Leo and Jen said...

Yesterday I was driving to work and heard this song on the radio. It was by Matthew West and called "The Motions". I do have to say that I'm a pretty emotional person overall, but this one got me. Look it up and listen to it. Let me know what you think. PS. Did you get my e-mail from a while back? Do we have the correct e-mail address? ~Jen

Alex Hackett said...

i didn't get anything. i use my gmail account, i don't ever check my hotmail anymore. it's just there in cyberspace taking up space on Microsoft's servers.

Leo and Jen said...

send us something from your gmail then because all we have is the hotmail. I think I've sent you a few things on e-mail. I was wondering why you didn't respond to that kind of stuff.