Friday, February 27, 2009

80,000 miles

tomorrow i will have logged 80,000 miles on my car. he is the little engine that could. i don't take as good of care of him as i should but he knows that i love him anyway. he's a champ. reminds me of when we were in leo's car with mike and we broke something like 100,000 miles or something historic. good times.


Leo and Jen said...

AAAh.... I remember the first day Leo came to pick me up in that thing.... I remember thinking.... "Why are there coffee stains on the ceiling?" What a great car. I remember the sense of pride you had as we sat in front of the middle school and honked the horn at you when you came out. Aaaah... the good ol' days. Hope that brings a smirk to your face as it does mine!

Ian said...

Ha! That reminds me of when I was driving Leo to school and when he didnt have any gas money, I kicked him out and made him walk the rest of the way. Good times.