Sunday, February 15, 2009

important day

president's day...some great and not so great men will be "honored" today and that's all fine and dandy to me. today i will be honoring someone who has been more influential and inspiring than all forty-four presidents combined. it never gets old talking about how wonderful a person my mother was; i think that says something about her and her character. of course we all have our faults, but mom was all about overcoming those faults and helping others overcome theirs. i have learned so many life lessons from her, i am sad to say i won't be learning any more from her. i am glad to say though that i will be learning from my family members and friends.

i went out hiking on sunday and this thought came to mind: mom's death was the best and worst thing to happen to me in my life as of right now. it made me grow up faster and become the man that i am today which is good/bad. i am also closer to my dad than i was before; i never really felt like i had a strong relationship with my dad, just an average one, but now i am happy to say that we are much closer now mainly because we were forced to be.

onward. there are two pictures that i plan on reflecting on for today: one when i was in middle school and the other when i started college. both transitional periods in my life and my mom was right there with me. i knew that i could call her up and ask her if i was doing my laundry correctly or come home and unload on her about a crappy day. she's the person i would go to for everything. i miss this, i hope to have this someday with my spouse (if that ever happens). i know i have friends and family but sorry it's just not the same, being apart isn't the same as being together all the time. i want to remember these two times and reflect on the happiness that is brought with these pictures. a good president is nice to have, but it will never ever come close to how important a mom is on a kids life and even a grown-ups life.

"i miss you dearly mom. i ask God to tell you hello and i love you every time i pray, which needs to be more often. i hope to make it to heaven to see you. one day at a time i suppose." - me


Ian said...

I love you buddy. Just like the rest of us, mom is so proud of everything you have accomplished and done with your life. Keep pushing yourself and striving for excellence, so that when that day comes and you finally see her again, she has a list a mile long of things she wants to talk about. Give me a call today when you wake up. Love ya,


Leo and Jen said...

Like all people who lose someone who is so dear, mom holds that special place in our hearts. I can think of many times and memories that I remember but I am reminded that God has prepared a place for us. We will be reunited again one day and be able to talk and share and praise our Father in heaven. What a blessing that will be! As for now, we can take it one day at a time. We can put into practice those godly principles that mom shared with us and in the end be able to give glory to God. Love ya al.

leo and jen