Monday, February 2, 2009

i am an adult

walking into my house tonight right around midnight, something just clicked. i am an adult. i am self-sufficient, i have no one asking me where i'm going or when i'll be back, i am not asking people for money or paying people back, i get my own food, i pay my own bills, i control my schedule, no one telling me to not buy something. it is a very weird thinking; something i've always realized, but never really clicked until tonight.

i also realized tonight, that i am a child. i am still holding onto youthful ways. i'm not saying that it is a good or bad thing; i will say that it's both. it's funny how and when certain things become realized to us. ironic.


Leo and Jen said...

Happens in stages too... Right now I'm clicking the "Hmm, I think I could be a mom and not mess up my kids" stage. I'm also doing the... "I'm adult enough to say my age and not think I'm still a kid". Strange!

The Charles Crew said...

great insight al!! You are such a strong, wonderful man!! congrats on realizing you are now an adult!!